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DJ Frenchy and Kulcha Beats set to skydive for charity
Mr Kulcha Beats and DJ Frenchy, are set to skydive today, to raise more than £1000 for Cancer Research UK. An electrician by day, and DJ from 2 – 4pm on Sundays, presenting the Kulcha Beats reggae show, Mr Kulcha Beats says, “It doesn’t matter what you give, it could be a penny, a pound, every little helps.”
The DJ’s say they’re jumping to raise awareness of prostate cancer and breast cancer. Mr Kulcha Beats has spoken about breast cancer and prostate cancer live on air, he says, ‘Even if one person gets themselves checked, I’ve done good quite good ain’t I, as far as I’m concerned.” 52 year-old Mr Kulcha, says the cause is close to his heart, having lost family members including his uncle, aunt, first cousin and most recently his Mother-in-law to cancer. Kulcha pauses and says, ‘It (cancer) kind of hits you, when you see it happen.”

DJ Frenchy who presents 2 shows one on Friday 8-10pm and Saturday 12 – 2pm says; he wants to try and get people talking, he says, “Prostate cancer is affecting everybody now.” “We all know about breast cancer. Men in general just don’t talk about prostate cancer. Up until now, I’m 36, I’m about to do this jump, I never really spoke about prostate cancer. I don’t really know any guy that’s passed away from it, but people do…If other people are passing away, why wouldn’t it be me, why wouldn’t it be my friends?”
32 year-old DJ Frenchy, though scared of heights, is looking forward to the jump, “I’m in two minds, I’m excited, but I’m also very nervous. At the end of the day, I’m jumping out of a plane – that’s not something you do every day. DJ Frenchy, a married father of three, says it’s a miracle he’s alive, “Real mad stuff happened to me… I nearly lost my life before , I actually want to live to the fullest now. I want to do things that are out of my comfort zone, do things I wouldn’t have done before. Being that I’m alive, I feel like I’ve got a purpose.”
The sky dive was inspired by Junior Culture Roots, Mr Kulcha Beat’s son, who also raised funds through a sky dive. Mr Kulcha Beats says driving back from Junior’s dive, his wife asked would he do one, and he said yes. Then one day during a shift changeover, DJ Frenchy heard Mr Kulcha Beats talking about doing a skydive on air, and decided to jump too.
Mr Kulcha Beats says he doesn’t like flying, “I never thought about jumping from an aeroplane. I was scared for the first couple of weeks, and I thought to myself when I woke up in the morning, what have you done? What you think you’re doing? Then one day I thought to myself I cannot wait, I can’t wait to actually to do it. I’m like a kid in a toyshop right now. I cannot wait to actually come out of that plane.”

Mr Kulcha Beats says music is one of his first loves, “All I do religiously is play music…The way I grew up with music, it was to send a positive message to people – and I’m still carrying that through…In2Beats gives us a voice.” Mr Kulcha recalls a chat with his cousin who lives near the jump site, who said ‘trust me cousin, she (cousin who passed) would be proud of you.’ He says with conviction, “That bought it home to me.”
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